Here's how memo works

A real-time, fully collaborative tool

Tailor made for the new era of the digital fundraise 

Collaborate & build
beautiful investment materials
Share & track
analytics securely
Select & respond to
investors with our robust CRM


Seamlessly build your fundraising materials
  • Fully guided to ensure investors get a full view of your business
  • Beautiful templates to wow your investors
  • Upload pitch decks, so all your docs live in one place
  • Create structured feedback loops to enable critical feedback

Create your
investor CRM

Fully real time with CRM to CRM contact sharing, so friends & colleagues can share their investor network with 1 click of a button.

Plus a robust investor database, simplifying the investor selection process.

Securely share
all data

Advanced tracking analytics so you know who and when someone is looking at your docs.
Sam Kent
With memo I know my documents will only end up in the hands of those I want them to. Best of all it gives me key document insights, making future iterations impactful.

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"We're thrilled to be one of your inaugural users! Build Memo has already helped out Unipod so much, we would have been so lost without your framework. As we both grow, we can't wait to utilize more features."
Adam Pearce