Fundraising sucks.

There's no way around it, it just does.

Stop wasting time

Even after building your pitch deck then comes the dreaded process of constantly visiting DocSend to ensure your deck is in the right hands, 100s of Crunchbase searches to build your investor CRM, & finally launching an SPV to raise from dozens of angels.

Don't forget about getting intros, pitching, and actually raising money while building your company.

Using 5-6 different products for 1 outcome is just painful for everyone involved.

With a tailor made tool for founders

That’s why after years of being founders & investors we were fed up and decided to build our dream product. One that not only consolidates all of our efforts in one place (all-in-one) but most importantly saves time (50% less emails & calls).

Want to create an investment memo? Build your investor CRM? Launch an SPV? That's now all in one place using Memo.

Purposely designed for async teams

With founders raising $100M Series Cs from their parent’s basement, the era of the digital fundraise was born. No more boardroom pitches or late night dinners just Zoom calls, Slack messages, and your favourite pair of sweat pants.

Which is why from day 1 Memo was optimized to be real time & collaborative with team members and investors alike.

Making your
raise effortless

We're not here to tell you about what school we went to, some sob story about the problems we faced, but just to let you know we’re making fundraising easy so that you can
stay focused on what’s most important, solving the world’s most pressing problems.